Bill – The Billionaire Club Statistics App

We’ve been working on multiple projects but we’ve also been working on some side fun projects and one of them is: Bill.

I like statistics, especially if they induce awe. A friend showed me some real time statistics and they really were stunning,my friend ,and therefor thought of making an app with some  statistics that count up in real time. Now the concept isn’t new, but its a side project and why not bring it together in one well put together interface? So Bill was created. Bill is an app that shows you in real time the amount of money earned by the top 10 wealthiest people on earth. Put together they accumulate yearly a staggering 100+ billion dollars. And that really puts things into perspective.  These are known names from: Bill Gates , Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg,Sergey Brin,Larry Page, Sheldon Adelson, Lu Chee Woo, and Carl Ichan.

The app shows you how much they earned today up to the hour, the amount earned this year, and the amount earned since you opened their page. The amount of time you spend on the app their earnings amount will go up by 50-60k and if you put them together probably over 500k or more.

I chose to display the wealthiest peoples earnings as the first statistics because it really grabs peoples attention. We might be adding more statistics soon, especially if people display interest in them more. This is a fun side project and theres no set time when it will be released, but it wont be long till we submit it to the App Store.

PS: I’m calling it Bill, because thats one of the names that i gave to the project. (Whether it will end up as Bill i don’t really know)

I’m going to make a preview video of the app soon(probably upload it today later) until then i’ll just post a draft screenshot.

Billionaire Club Statistics App

Here’s the video preview

The app is now available on the app store .

If you’ve got any suggestions send us an email over at :