BitPredict – Predict & Win

BitPredict is a fun platform where you can each day make safe predictions about where the price of the cryptocurrency is going for that day. There are multiple pools with multiple requirements so as you make more correct predictions and as you win more you can join the higher ranks! Join in and have some fun while you also see patterns emerging and see how you stack up on predicting the market. Alternatively you can also play Quick Predict which is based of 15 Seconds intervals.

BitPredict has zero risk associated with it, as it’s all virtual you can simply enjoy the platform. Each day 10 winners are picked from each pool, so there are at least 40 winners picked each day. Predictions close at 10:00 UTC and winners are chosen each day at around 11:59 UTC, the close price is the average calculated based on 21 popular exchanges.

BitPredict erases all your prediction data everyday right after 11:59 UTC.

BitPredict is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store