Camculator – Scan & Calculate Documents/Receipts With Your Phone

We’ve been cooking up this new app for quiet a while now and it’s off our hands now. We’re ready to release it.

We saw a need here since people in our area were calculating receipts so they could get basically tax deduction. For 3 months receipts are gathered than you have to calculate them,organize them, hand them off and you get a certain amount of money back.  Camculator is meant to make the process easier where you simply use your camera to scan the receipts and simply select the target you want to calculate and it gives you back the results from all the images. If you have 50 or more receipts you can scan all of them by using the overlay positioning tool which allows you to position the images according to the first image you take,than all you have to do  is select the number that you’re looking for (eg: receipt total) and the app will do the rest, crop, adjust, pre-process, recognize, convert,calculate and give you back the result very quickly.  Its still early and the app has been tested and gets great results with most receipts, used over 1500 scans for the initial release and we’ll iterate again as we get more feedback on it.

It is now live on the App Store. You can get it here