Flow Wallpapers

Download Flow – Wallpapers on the App Store. 

We’re very exited to announce Flow Wallpapers, wallpapers that give an auto animate each time you bring up your lock screen!

The wallpapers are carefully curated, selected and created specifically to give a very gradual animating effect that you haven’t seen before on any iOS device. With Flow Wallpapers we bring another kind of wallpaper that gives you a feeling of flow when you unlock your device. You can generate your own text and add something like “Hello Jim” and Flow will generate a wallpaper with carefully selected shades and techniques that will give you a wallpaper that will greet you, or rather Jim, each time you bring up your lock screen. The contrast wallpapers on Flow are truly magical and you should experience it for yourself to truly grasp what it’s being said here. Here is the app preview that might help but still only seeing the wallpapers animate on your hand will do it justice.

Flow Wallpapers work like Live Wallpapers that animate for a brief period of time, only that they do not require 3D Touch and on raise to wake they look beautiful. Further they work on all devices that can run Flow. This is just the beginning and we’re planning on expanding the library of these wallpapers as we really enjoy them and we hope you will too.

Flow Wallpapers work best on the iPhone X and are suited to be called iPhone X Wallpapers as combined with the Super Retina OLED display they truly shine.

Download Flow – Wallpapers on the App Store. 

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