Fluid Relax Meditate Sleep iOS App

Fluid Is Available On The App Store

Fluid is an app that helps you relax, meditate or sleep better, it uses some of our main senses and grasps us at all levels taking the attention in, and giving you the opportunity to relax. A common theme among relaxation and meditation apps is that you try to blank out your senses immediately, that is the opposite of what we’re used to doing, Fluid allows your vision to be busy watching the flow and observing the smooth movement, your ears listen to the soothing music as it relaxes you, and your touch to be busy controlling the patterns, suddenly you find yourself grasped into the experience and the outside world blocked out. Once you end a session you can continue meditating relaxing or sleeping for as long as you wish with focus,sleep sounds, guided sessions or simply enjoying the relaxing music, but Fluid makes it so much easier to get to this point especially for those who are just staring out or who are more visual.

Like many concepts Fluid came about working on another thing altogether, but it was quiet late at night and testing the Fluid dynamics on our iPhone’s really was soothing and strangely relaxing, adding some background music made it so much better, seeing the effect it had on people who tried it, even kids! Just made us want to push Fluid to a release, so here it is.










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