iPhone XR Live Wallpapers

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We admit the XR Wallpapers are incredible, we like them a lot. iPhone XR however does not ship with Live Wallpapers nor does it support them, but the XR wallpapers look stunning on every other iPhone, especially the iPhone X, XS & XS Max. So we went and re-created a live edition of the wallpapers. We have some more of them in the works for those who like the exact look of the iPhone XR wallpapers but want them live. Since we have had some time to keep the XS wallpapers it’s time to add try some more color on our screens with the XR and Black Deluxe Live Wallpapers. The XR Live Wallpapers will be available tomorrow in the 26th in app. [UPDATE] They are now available in the app.

Here’s a preview and here are some screenshots:

iPhone XR Wallpapers













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