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The beautiful stunning Live Wallpapers from the magnificent new iPhones XS that look gorgeous are now ready for the next update of Black. However the news do not stop there, the new update will be the biggest update we have shipped to date. We will be introducing Black Deluxe an entirely new collection which will feature exclusive live wallpapers created for you! It’s as if it was an extra app integrated within Black which features amazing wallpapers that are worthy of the best mobile devices on the planet.




Black has always focused on quality rather than quantity with Black Deluxe we will be sticking to this while also increasing the number of wallpapers that are available in the app and will focus on releasing them with major iOS,Apple releases. Our users just love the wallpapers but wanted even more variation, with Black Deluxe that will be possible with faster than ever with OTA updates. This makes it possible to deliver exclusive content created for you in the fastest manner possible. The new wallpapers are built for the new iPhones in mind, we have been working with the iPhone X resolution in mind and have created bigger variations, so the wallpapers are designed and created for the new aspect rations, meaning that Black is one of the few if not the only Live Wallpapers app that has adopted this. In the past we have brought you editable Live Wallpapers which allowed you to generate any color you pleased from the existing wallpapers, this will be added in the future to all the Black Deluxe Live Wallpapers and so many new features are planned. And all this an almost entire new app within Black will be brought to you as an in app purchase that is only $3.99/Year! That is the lowest rate you will find on any Live Wallpapers app subscription! Note that Black will be submitted for app review and we have no guarantee if we can meet the timelines, and have worked hard to make sure that we meet all the guidelines in order to meet the schedule.

iPhone XS Live Wallpapers


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