OLEDX – Always On Display for the iPhone X

OLEDX is a simple app that takes advantage of the iPhone X Super Retina Organic LED display. Displaying a clock / information interface and keeping the rest of the screen turned off OLEDX can be kept on always when you need to keep track of the time or just want a always on display with your battery information, time, date and even a picture you choose. OLEDX is ultra energy efficient and the energy it uses is close to zero. This is achieved in combination by taking advantage of the new iPhone X hardware and a combination of software that runs as little processes as possible, even for the simple processes as keeping track of time and battery. On top of its efficiency, OLEDX also has a mode called HEM (Hyper Efficiency Mode), it activates when your device is in low power mode and it lowers the energy draw close to nil. The app can be even further optimized through future updates, but we’re also planning to add more information to the interface pannel in order to make the interface more useful.

OLEDX is safe for all day use as the interface moves ever so slightly once in a while and each hour it takes a big jump, this coupled with the fact that you’re most likely going to be using the phone makes OLEDX completely safe for your OLED display. OLEDX also makes use of the iPhones proximity sensor so you can leave the app open all the time and it will ‘lock’ your device each time its turned upside down, or is in your pocket, hence each time you check your time you will be saving battery.

You can download OLEDX now on the App Store.








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