OLEDX V1.4 Update

We released OLEDX 1.4 Update a few days ago and it’s packed with new features.

Here is a more detailed summary:

  • New Weather Watch Face
  • New Shortcuts Watch Face
  • Landscape Watch Faces
  • Various Designs on Faces
  • Bigger Font Faces
  • Interface Moves More Rapidly
  • Persistent Brightness
  • Removes the unnecessary jump on touch functionality
  • Fixes the bugs that were present on V1.3


And more…


With all the user feedback we have been hard at work to craft an update that will fill the needs of the users and also bring various features without jeopardizing the core of the app. We also have focused on efficiency, OLEDX already is the most efficient clock app that you can use as a always on display for your iPhone X, but we have pushed that even further yet, such a simple process as keeping track of the time,battery and now weather turns out to be much more complex when you’re trying to simplify what already is simple, digging deeper we found that a combination of processes can be made, we cleaned up whatever that was not needed and we managed to increase the efficiency of the app even further. Running a test on an iPhone X with OLEDX always on display, full brightness wi-fi, and everything turned on as usual we managed to get a few more hours of use with the 1.4 update, which is truly remarkable. We also have focused on more safety features, since OLEDX came out we have learned that the iPhone X OLED panel is much more robust than any other OLED smartphone display on the market, it has gone to pass a 17 hour mark before any signs of burn in were shown with a high contrast, static image, and Cetizen went on and ran a 510 hour test with the iPhone X. OLEDX now is safer, we have lowered the contrast point, the interface moves more and we have added persistent brightness just for added measures and peace of mind. In addition to that we have brought plenty of new features that users will find useful and that were highly requested. OLEDX Also has an experimental but fully functional Crypto Watch Face for tracking the 3 Biggest (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple) Cryptocurrencies right from your display.

Always On Display Weather for iPhone

OLEDX Bitcoin Watch Face










You can download OLEDX V1.4 or Update right now from the App Store.