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Hacker Vision iPhone iPad Hacking Simulator

Recently we have been working on a few simulators and they’re looking great. One of the simpler but none the less awesome ones is, Hacker Vision, it is more of a preview of the future simulator and it’s a lot of fun. Hacker Vision gives you access to a high tech, movie like hacking interface and it also gives you the skills to match. Take control of the interface add gadgets, open the console and type away, you will be “coding” in no time. Impress anyone close by or actually scare your friends with the Phone Hack theme/system. The Hacking Simulator works both on iPad and on iPhone and looks great on both. The app is free to download and use, the Phone Hack system/theme is sold as an in-app purchase. You can download it from the App Store by clicking/tapping here.

Here is a preview of the app:


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Auto Animating Live Wallpapers iPhone

Flow Wallpapers

Download Flow – Wallpapers on the App Store. 

We’re very exited to announce Flow Wallpapers, wallpapers that give an auto animate each time you bring up your lock screen!

The wallpapers are carefully curated, selected and created specifically to give a very gradual animating effect that you haven’t seen before on any iOS device. With Flow Wallpapers we bring another kind of wallpaper that gives you a feeling of flow when you unlock your device. You can generate your own text and add something like “Hello Jim” and Flow will generate a wallpaper with carefully selected shades and techniques that will give you a wallpaper that will greet you, or rather Jim, each time you bring up your lock screen. The contrast wallpapers on Flow are truly magical and you should experience it for yourself to truly grasp what it’s being said here. Here is the app preview that might help but still only seeing the wallpapers animate on your hand will do it justice.

Flow Wallpapers work like Live Wallpapers that animate for a brief period of time, only that they do not require 3D Touch and on raise to wake they look beautiful. Further they work on all devices that can run Flow. This is just the beginning and we’re planning on expanding the library of these wallpapers as we really enjoy them and we hope you will too.

Flow Wallpapers work best on the iPhone X and are suited to be called iPhone X Wallpapers as combined with the Super Retina OLED display they truly shine.

Download Flow – Wallpapers on the App Store. 

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OLEDX – Always On Display for the iPhone X

OLEDX is a simple app that takes advantage of the iPhone X Super Retina Organic LED display. Displaying a clock / information interface and keeping the rest of the screen turned off OLEDX can be kept on always when you need to keep track of the time or just want a always on display with your battery information, time, date and even a picture you choose. OLEDX is ultra energy efficient and the energy it uses is close to zero. This is achieved in combination by taking advantage of the new iPhone X hardware and a combination of software that runs as little processes as possible, even for the simple processes as keeping track of time and battery. On top of its efficiency, OLEDX also has a mode called HEM (Hyper Efficiency Mode), it activates when your device is in low power mode and it lowers the energy draw close to nil. The app can be even further optimized through future updates, but we’re also planning to add more information to the interface pannel in order to make the interface more useful.

OLEDX is safe for all day use as the interface moves ever so slightly once in a while and each hour it takes a big jump, this coupled with the fact that you’re most likely going to be using the phone makes OLEDX completely safe for your OLED display. OLEDX also makes use of the iPhones proximity sensor so you can leave the app open all the time and it will ‘lock’ your device each time its turned upside down, or is in your pocket, hence each time you check your time you will be saving battery.

You can download OLEDX now on the App Store.








Always On Display iPhone X










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iPhone X Live Wallpapers On Any iPhone

We’re bringing the full set of the iPhone X Live Wallpapers to Black and Nebula which can be both downloaded from the App Store.

Black Live Wallpapers allows you to alter the color of any of the wallpapers to fit your liking, while Nebula allows you to generate some more simple Live Wallpapers using your voice, Nebula Live Wallpapers also includes the iPhone 6S Fish Wallpapers that were removed on iOS 11.

The iPhone X Live Wallpapers will work on any iPhone that supports 3D Touch.

 Download On The App Store.

iPhone 8 Live Wallpapers & iPhone X Live Wallpapers

We have added the set of the latest iPhone Live Wallpapers showcased at the iPhone 8 and iPhone X unveiling. The wallpapers can now be download in Nebula – Live Wallpapers.










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Interested in the iPhone 7 Live Wallpapers?

You can get them here:

Black – Live Wallpapers

Black Lite – Live Wallpapers


Flynt – Sync Video Effects To Music on iPhone & iPad

Bring your videos to life by syncing your favorite music to your recordings. Creating amazing music videos with Flynt is easy, you can import any music from your library and start recording, various effects such as flashes,strobes,etc will sync to the music’s waveform right away. With the right music your videos will stand out! Flynt automatically saves the videos to your library so you can continue shooting as long as you like.

Flynt is now available on the App Store.

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Nebula – Live Wallpapers

Nebula Live Wallpapers is now Available On The App Store. (Free Version)


We have two Live Wallpapers (Ink & Black) apps and wanted to create another one that tops them or bring a whole other style of wallpapers. With Nebula we took the approach of bringing some of the most wonderful abstract Live Wallpapers we can bring to iPhone, so we did, we either created or acquired them. Our previous Live Wallpapers take advantage of part of the screen while leaving the edges empty, this works well but with Nebula we wanted to take a different approach and have wallpapers that animate from edge to edge and considering the upcoming iPhone set to reveal in September 2017 Nebula Live Wallpapers will look absolutely stunning and we’re so exited to see what Apple has in store. Meanwhile the wallpapers look more than wonderful on existing screens and the fluid animations plus the focus we’ve put on preserving the quality of the wallpapers make them truly unique.

Another thing we initially tried to do is use music to animate the wallpapers, we’ve done so and you can use Nebula to generate Live Wallpapers using your voice or your favorite piece of music, this works well for simpler Live Wallpapers, as to render wallpapers similar in style to the pre-created ones would take weeks or months on the latest iPhone’s depending on the length and complexity of the wallpapers and there are plenty more factors that make this unfeasible. But we didn’t leave the concept behind taking a look at what our users find most appealing on Live Wallpapers we find that Color/Vividness, Animations and their fluidity is what users value most and we made sure to deliver on each of those aspects and you can see that the wallpapers ‘dance’. Take a look at the preview below:

You can download Nebula on the App Store, there is a Lite version which gives you some wonderful wallpapers, if you want the full set of the wallpapers and the audio generation feature you can get the Full Version.

Download Lite Version 

Download Full Version 


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