Sleep Debt Pro

We’ve been working on many different apps but one app that will be joining the family is sleep debt pro. It helps you track sleep debt effortlessly, and that can be life changing, we know that word gets thrown out allot out there but we truly know that if used properly sleep debt pro will change your life. (If you’re already accumulating sleep debt)


Working long hours is a must when we want to ship a project on time, or just keep up with other projects and allot of people end up getting 6-6.5 hours of sleep, and they usually need 7-8. Now that would be fine since we’re not skipping much right? Well, it might have been fine if the skipped hours and minutes didn’t accumulate, but when it comes to sleep they do and we end up with something called sleep debt. This accumulating for a week or two and our reaction times are equal to that of a legally drunk person. I got into two accidents, and after i slept i noticed how foggy i had been previously, i can link multiple of these with the lack of sleep even though i was only partially at fault, i could have avoided them, our long hours are putting us and others at risk, and damaging the quality of our work and it just creates of a cycle. So sleep is not one of the things we can skip. I diverted other projects and created Sleep Debt Pro, which allows you to track sleep debt with less than 10 seconds a day. I mean i didn’t want an app that i had to commit my time to it, thats precisely what i didn’t have. For me personally a bit of awareness would have gone a long way. So Sleep Debt Pro does that, it sends you two notifications daily, one in the morning asking you how much did you sleep to which you can reply like 7.5 and it calculates sleep debt based on your previously set sleep needs and gives you your sleep debt for today. At night it tells you your total sleep debt, or gives you a tip based on your sleep debt.

To wrap it here is a video preview:

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