The Triangle – Turn Photos And Live Photos Into Low Poly Art

Today we are unveiling The Triangle, an app that provides desktop class low poly conversion effects right on your iPhone or iPad, this means that the app uses advanced algorithms to deliver the best results with the least amount of input, so you can get consistent and incredible results each time. Turning photos into Low Poly Art is as easy as selecting the detail level and tapping the process button, and you will get a high quality conversion at the detail that suits your needs best.

However converting Photos into Low Poly photos is not enough, what we firstly focused on is converting Live Photos into Low Poly Videos and we added support for GIF’S and Live Photo exports too, this allows you to create amazing results for all your Live Photos, you can create amazing GIF’S to share them on most chat platforms, or to post them online, you can create Low Poly Videos or export the results back again into A Low Poly Live Photo which can be used as a Live Wallpaper!

The process is detailed and robust, the advanced algorithms create what we call Static or Active polygons at three different detail levels for Live Photos, this results in renders that can take up to 2 minutes to finish even on the latest iOS devices because we hand crafted the process so that it goes through the Live Photo calculating the position of the polygons at incredible precision and delivering accurate color re-presentations. The Triangle is the only app currently on iOS that allows you to create this type of content from your Live Photos, however the results that it is able to deliver are truly amazing so the whole process has been well worth it.B

Below you will find a set of app screenshots and a Video Preview.

Low Poly Art AppLow Poly Filter Turn Photos into Low Poly ArtTurn Live Photos into Low Poly GIFS,Videos



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