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The Triangle – Turn Photos And Live Photos Into Low Poly Art

Today we are unveiling The Triangle, an app that provides desktop class low poly conversion effects right on your iPhone or iPad, this means that the app uses advanced algorithms to deliver the best results with the least amount of input, so you can get consistent and incredible results each time. Turning photos into Low Poly Art is as easy as selecting the detail level and tapping the process button, and you will get a high quality conversion at the detail that suits your needs best.

However converting Photos into Low Poly photos is not enough, what we firstly focused on is converting Live Photos into Low Poly Videos and we added support for GIF’S and Live Photo exports too, this allows you to create amazing results for all your Live Photos, you can create amazing GIF’S to share them on most chat platforms, or to post them online, you can create Low Poly Videos or export the results back again into A Low Poly Live Photo which can be used as a Live Wallpaper!

The process is detailed and robust, the advanced algorithms create what we call Static or Active polygons at three different detail levels for Live Photos, this results in renders that can take up to 2 minutes to finish even on the latest iOS devices because we hand crafted the process so that it goes through the Live Photo calculating the position of the polygons at incredible precision and delivering accurate color re-presentations. The Triangle is the only app currently on iOS that allows you to create this type of content from your Live Photos, however the results that it is able to deliver are truly amazing so the whole process has been well worth it.B

Below you will find a set of app screenshots and a Video Preview.

Low Poly Art AppLow Poly Filter Turn Photos into Low Poly ArtTurn Live Photos into Low Poly GIFS,Videos



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iPhone XR Live Wallpapers

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We admit the XR Wallpapers are incredible, we like them a lot. iPhone XR however does not ship with Live Wallpapers nor does it support them, but the XR wallpapers look stunning on every other iPhone, especially the iPhone X, XS & XS Max. So we went and re-created a live edition of the wallpapers. We have some more of them in the works for those who like the exact look of the iPhone XR wallpapers but want them live. Since we have had some time to keep the XS wallpapers it’s time to add try some more color on our screens with the XR and Black Deluxe Live Wallpapers. The XR Live Wallpapers will be available tomorrow in the 26th in app. [UPDATE] They are now available in the app.

Here’s a preview and here are some screenshots:

iPhone XR Wallpapers













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iPhone XS Live Wallpapers Download

Download all the iPhone XS Live Wallpapers and an entire exclusive collection of newly introduced wallpapers for the iPhone XS,XS MAX and iPhone XR.

You can use these wallpapers without needing to go through any extra steps, you simply tap save and apply it to your lock screen.


You can download all of them through Black – Live Wallpapers, available on the App Store.


iPhone XS Live Wallpapers

iPhone XS Wallpapers

Download Black Live Wallpapers On The App Store

The beautiful stunning Live Wallpapers from the magnificent new iPhones XS that look gorgeous are now ready for the next update of Black. However the news do not stop there, the new update will be the biggest update we have shipped to date. We will be introducing Black Deluxe an entirely new collection which will feature exclusive live wallpapers created for you! It’s as if it was an extra app integrated within Black which features amazing wallpapers that are worthy of the best mobile devices on the planet.




Black has always focused on quality rather than quantity with Black Deluxe we will be sticking to this while also increasing the number of wallpapers that are available in the app and will focus on releasing them with major iOS,Apple releases. Our users just love the wallpapers but wanted even more variation, with Black Deluxe that will be possible with faster than ever with OTA updates. This makes it possible to deliver exclusive content created for you in the fastest manner possible. The new wallpapers are built for the new iPhones in mind, we have been working with the iPhone X resolution in mind and have created bigger variations, so the wallpapers are designed and created for the new aspect rations, meaning that Black is one of the few if not the only Live Wallpapers app that has adopted this. In the past we have brought you editable Live Wallpapers which allowed you to generate any color you pleased from the existing wallpapers, this will be added in the future to all the Black Deluxe Live Wallpapers and so many new features are planned. And all this an almost entire new app within Black will be brought to you as an in app purchase that is only $3.99/Year! That is the lowest rate you will find on any Live Wallpapers app subscription! Note that Black will be submitted for app review and we have no guarantee if we can meet the timelines, and have worked hard to make sure that we meet all the guidelines in order to meet the schedule.

iPhone XS Live Wallpapers


iPhone XS Planet Wallpaper High ResolutioniPhone XS Wallpapers App StoreiPhone XR Wallpapers













Version on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/black…

Want to try the app? Get the lite verison: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/black…

Fluid Relax Meditate Sleep iOS App

Fluid Is Available On The App Store

Fluid is an app that helps you relax, meditate or sleep better, it uses some of our main senses and grasps us at all levels taking the attention in, and giving you the opportunity to relax. A common theme among relaxation and meditation apps is that you try to blank out your senses immediately, that is the opposite of what we’re used to doing, Fluid allows your vision to be busy watching the flow and observing the smooth movement, your ears listen to the soothing music as it relaxes you, and your touch to be busy controlling the patterns, suddenly you find yourself grasped into the experience and the outside world blocked out. Once you end a session you can continue meditating relaxing or sleeping for as long as you wish with focus,sleep sounds, guided sessions or simply enjoying the relaxing music, but Fluid makes it so much easier to get to this point especially for those who are just staring out or who are more visual.

Like many concepts Fluid came about working on another thing altogether, but it was quiet late at night and testing the Fluid dynamics on our iPhone’s really was soothing and strangely relaxing, adding some background music made it so much better, seeing the effect it had on people who tried it, even kids! Just made us want to push Fluid to a release, so here it is.










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Always On Display iOS iPhone Weather

OLEDX V1.4 Update

We released OLEDX 1.4 Update a few days ago and it’s packed with new features.

Here is a more detailed summary:

  • New Weather Watch Face
  • New Shortcuts Watch Face
  • Landscape Watch Faces
  • Various Designs on Faces
  • Bigger Font Faces
  • Interface Moves More Rapidly
  • Persistent Brightness
  • Removes the unnecessary jump on touch functionality
  • Fixes the bugs that were present on V1.3


And more…


With all the user feedback we have been hard at work to craft an update that will fill the needs of the users and also bring various features without jeopardizing the core of the app. We also have focused on efficiency, OLEDX already is the most efficient clock app that you can use as a always on display for your iPhone X, but we have pushed that even further yet, such a simple process as keeping track of the time,battery and now weather turns out to be much more complex when you’re trying to simplify what already is simple, digging deeper we found that a combination of processes can be made, we cleaned up whatever that was not needed and we managed to increase the efficiency of the app even further. Running a test on an iPhone X with OLEDX always on display, full brightness wi-fi, and everything turned on as usual we managed to get a few more hours of use with the 1.4 update, which is truly remarkable. We also have focused on more safety features, since OLEDX came out we have learned that the iPhone X OLED panel is much more robust than any other OLED smartphone display on the market, it has gone to pass a 17 hour mark before any signs of burn in were shown with a high contrast, static image, and Cetizen went on and ran a 510 hour test with the iPhone X. OLEDX now is safer, we have lowered the contrast point, the interface moves more and we have added persistent brightness just for added measures and peace of mind. In addition to that we have brought plenty of new features that users will find useful and that were highly requested. OLEDX Also has an experimental but fully functional Crypto Watch Face for tracking the 3 Biggest (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple) Cryptocurrencies right from your display.

Always On Display Weather for iPhone

OLEDX Bitcoin Watch Face










You can download OLEDX V1.4 or Update right now from the App Store.

Bitcoin Prediction App

BitPredict – Predict & Win

BitPredict is a fun platform where you can each day make safe predictions about where the price of the cryptocurrency is going for that day. There are multiple pools with multiple requirements so as you make more correct predictions and as you win more you can join the higher ranks! Join in and have some fun while you also see patterns emerging and see how you stack up on predicting the market. Alternatively you can also play Quick Predict which is based of 15 Seconds intervals.

BitPredict has zero risk associated with it, as it’s all virtual you can simply enjoy the platform. Each day 10 winners are picked from each pool, so there are at least 40 winners picked each day. Predictions close at 10:00 UTC and winners are chosen each day at around 11:59 UTC, the close price is the average calculated based on 21 popular exchanges.

BitPredict erases all your prediction data everyday right after 11:59 UTC.

BitPredict is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store